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With a helicopter tour you can capture mystic waterfalls and rare landscapes. Travel Hawaii books a variety of Maui Helicopter Tours. We provide accurate and detailed information on Maui discount Helicopter tours 45 minute West Maui Mountain/ Molokai Deluxe tour or a 45 minute Hana & Haleakala East Maui Deluxe tour. Your ultimate Maui vacation memory! Air Maui Helicopter tours is our best Maui helicopter tour company. They have an impeccable 100% safety record, outstanding customer service and quality reputation, supported by over 17 years of helicopter business in Maui! All Helicopters are equipped with 2-way communication on noise-attenuating headsets. You will have the unique opportunity to be in continuous communication with your pilot and the others you are flying with. 10 % plus discounts available when booking on-line through Travel Hawaii.

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See the Best of Maui for Less!! If you're tight on time or budget, our 'Maui Lite' tour will take you directly to either Haleakala Crater or the West Maui Mountains - your choice of one of these ... + See More Information

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